A Lip Treatment That Works

An Extreme Hydrating Technology For Your Lips, It Works From the Inside Out.

  • Moisturize, Hydrate
  • Anti-Aging
  • Boost The Moisture In Your Lips
  • Plump Up Your Lips Naturally
  • No Irritants

LipSmart  lip treatment contains a patented bio-active fusion of naturally occurring amino acids clinically proven to plump up your lips while improving contour and definition. With each lip treatment using LipSmart, your lips become softer, smoother, fuller, and healthier.

Your lips need continuous hydration. Without essential moisture, you’ll develop wrinkled, thin, cracked lips, signs of premature aging. LipSmart’s active ingredients stimulate the production of collagen and deliver a constant stream of moisture. Its rich fusion of fragrant (a blend of pineapple, peach, apricot, lemon and coconut natural fruit extracts), natural and safe ingredients with powerful actives ensures maximum results.

In a clinical study, research participants applied the active, ingredients in LipSmart for 29 days. All subjects reported substantial improvement in their lip condition, and clinical results showed a dramatic increase in lip volume.

Plus, our unique, easy-glide applicator smooths on just the right amount every time. Used alone or under lipstick, LipSmart feels silky soft. With continued use, your lips will look so luscious and full, you’ll never want to be without your LipSmart!

Key Active Ingredients:

  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide– An effective and stable building block between amino acids which helps increase collagen production to maintain skin volume and smoothness while reducing wrinkles.
  • Tribehenin– A plant-derived conditioner which acts like a lubricant on the surface of the skin to give your lips a smooth and soft appearance.
  • Glycolipids– moisture balancing lipid which regulates the skins natural moisture content. This helps compensate for any moisture lost through exposure and aging.
  • Ceramide 3– Aids in expanding cellular lifespan, this subsequently increases volume for a plumper, fuller appearance.
  • Hydrolyzed Soybean Protein (Phytokine™) – A clinically tested organic Soybean Extract which stimulates the skin’s metabolism to accelerate cell regeneration and maximize collagen density.

Directions: Simply apply LipSmart by itself or under lipstick two to three times a day. Its easy-glide applicator smooths on the perfect amount with each and every lip treatment. With each subsequent application, you will notice a faster response from your lips. Maximum results occur in approximately one month.